Dear HCA Family,

It’s with a sadden heart that we inform you that it was recently announced to our student body and HCA families that as of now our doors will not be open for next school year.

As many of you know Horizon attempted to buy the campus from San Diego Unified School District. In the middle of our negotiations the District decided to go a different direction and proceeded with a public bid. We knew going in that we would not be able to compete with other bidders and that is why we approached the District with the request of being able to enter into negotiations directly with them. They agreed and communicated that they truly desired for us to get the campus. For some reason they had a change of heart and decided to proceed with a bid. Horizon has been searching for a new location that could house the school which is a tough feat in our current market and also for our particular needs. We also have been pleading with the new owners of the campus to postpone their plans and extend our lease or possibly sell the campus to us and find a different location for themselves.

We have found ourselves in the beginning of June with no current leads for a new location or possible extension on our lease and felt it best to inform our parents to proceed with their plan b options for schooling. Our families have been informed and our students had a special chapel where they were able to share how Horizon has impacted their lives. We went for almost 3 hours sharing and the testimonies were absolutely amazing. We are also having a time for our families to gather for a time of sharing and opportunity to encourage each other.

For those of you who have been involved with the school, you know what an amazing place it is.

The staff, faculty and families that God has brought to HCA over the years have been so special. This has always been the Lord’s school and that truly is what sets this place apart. You can feel it when you walk onto the campus, you encounter it with our staff and you see the joy that our students have. The work God has done here has been phenomenal and we believe He is going to continue that work wherever He may lead each of us.

The school has been a ministry of Horizon Christian Fellowship and the church will continue to reside on the campus until the end of this August. The church plans to continue meeting in a new location after summer and hopes to remain close to the surrounding area. We don’t feel God is done with HCA and are continuing to pray for a miracle and so desire to see our school possibly continue or relaunch at some point. We ask that you join us in that prayer! It’s never too late for God to work!

We want to thank all of you who have made HCA so special over the many years that God has given us. We also encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus and know that during this season God will be faithful to meet each of us. The work God has done in our hearts cannot be taken away and it will go out with everyone of our students.

He is faithful!

Pastor Phillip MacIntosh