Frequently Asked Questions

How long after my child has completed a shadow day, and I have turned in all the necessary paperwork, can I expect to have an interview?

All applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview within one week of receiving all the necessary paperwork. The interview lasts approximately 30 minutes and upon acceptance you will meet with the Admissions Director to complete your final enrollment paperwork. Please plan to be available for one hour.

When will my student receive his/her class schedule?

New students will receive their class schedule in August at Student Check-In Day for their fall classes. If your child is enrolling at HCA after the school year has already begun, they will receive their schedule after their interview (upon acceptance).

How does athletics fit into my child’s schedule?

If your child participates on any athletic team (Middle School or High School) they will automatically have athletics in their class schedule.

What is Wilderness?

Wilderness is an all-school (Middle School and High School separate) camping activity designed to give opportunity for students to draw near to God, to meet new friends, and to bond as a school. Please note: The cost of wilderness is NOT included in tuition.

How can my child try on uniforms?

HCA has a Uniform Try-On Day during the summer. Additionally, we have a uniform exchange program led by parents that can aid in sizing your child for uniform ordering.

What supplies are needed for classes?

A supplies list is mailed out in the early summer with the necessary supplies for each class in which your child is enrolled.

Is there an assessment test to enter Algebra 1 as a 7th Grader?

Yes, in order to enter into Algebra 1 as a 7th Grader your child must take an assessment test (to be taken after the interview, upon acceptance).

Does HCA have a before/after school program?

HCA will be implementing a before/after school program for the 2010-2011 school year for Grades 7-8. We do offer a variety of extracurricular activities that often meet after school in which your child may choose to participate.

What time can I drop off my child in the morning? Pick up in evening?

School starts at 8AM and ends at 3PM. You may drop off your child as early as needed and pick up as late as needed for your family. Be advised, however, that there is no supervision until 7:30AM or after 3:45PM.

What does my tuition NOT include?

Tuition does not include event fees, athletic fees, Wilderness, uniforms, and locks. Additionally, your registration fee is NOT applied to tuition; it is a separate, one-time yearly payment.