Closed Campus Policy / Visitors

HCA is considered a Closed Campus during regular school hours. It is our desire to have a safe and healthy environment for our staff members, students, and those visiting our campus.


All visitors (includes Minors accompanying their parent/guardian during school hours) must sign in and receive a VISITOR BADGE from the HCA Admin office.

Some examples of VISITORS are a parent wanting to observe a classroom for a specific time, a parent who wants to have lunch with their child or drop off a lunch, attending a Pep Rally, and meeting with a staff member.

The HCA Admin office will determine and issue a VISITOR’S Badge accordingly and will screen for the following:

  1. Their purpose for visiting
  2. Their destination
  3. Who they are visiting (accountability)

Shadow Days:

There will be scheduled DAYS in the school year when outside students (MINORS) will be allowed to “shadow” a class/day and experience HCA student life/campus/teaching staff, etc.

Those are specifically designated for outside students to be on campus.

There is a “control method” and all visiting students will be required to report to the HCA Admin office (first) and get a BADGE to wear on that day.

They will also be assigned to other like students or a teacher for the timeframe.