Counseling FAQ’s

Q:  What is the CEEB code for HCA?

A:  052-886

Q:  How do I send my transcripts?

A:  Current HCA students: Complete transcript request form and return to registrar. Official transcripts, up to ten per academic year, are free of charge. After ten requests there will be a $5.00 fee for each official transcript requested; payable by check, money order or cashier’s check to HCA. Payment must accompany request. Routine requests are processed in 1-3 business days.

HCA alumni and previous students: Unofficial transcripts can be requested in person at no charge. Unofficial transcripts to be mailed/faxed will be charged a $2.00 fee. For official transcripts there is a fee of $5.00 each; payable by check, money order or cashier’s check to HCA. Payment must accompany request. Routine requests are processed in 1-3 business days.

Mail the request to: Horizon Christian Academy

Registrar’s Office
5331 Mt. Alifan Dr.
San Diego, CA 92111

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar at (858) 244-0376.

Q:  When should I take the SATs/ACT?

A:  We suggest that you take your standardized tests officially for the first time in the Spring of your junior year. The SAT Reasoning Test should be taken in March and the ACT with writing in April. If you are in AP classes, the best time to take the SAT Subject Tests would be in May when you’re already studying for the AP exams. If you aren’t in AP classes, you can take the exams in June when you are studying for finals.

Remember, if you are taking the Math subject exam and plan to apply to any of the UC schools, it must be Math Level 2 (pre-calculus and above). The two tests they require will also have to be in two different subject areas. The UCs will no longer require the SAT Subject Tests starting with the Class of 2012, although some specific majors within the UCs and other colleges will still want you to take them.

Most colleges will take test scores through the December test date of your senior year, so you should have plenty of time to re-take the tests if you need to. The most common exception would be for those of you who plan to apply Early Action/Decision or to those colleges who specifically state that they want your tests completed earlier. In most cases, you still will be able to take at least the first test in the fall, though.

Q:  Should I take the SAT Reasoning Test and ACT with writing several times?

A:  Again, you should take each test at least once, preferably in the Spring of junior year. Once you decide which test you like more and do better at, stick to that test. It’s better to focus on one to try to improve your score instead of splitting your study time between the two. All the colleges will take either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT (you should take the ACT with writing).

Q:  How can I prepare to take the SATs and ACT?

A:  There are many ways for you to prepare to take both tests. At HCA, all sophomores take the PLAN test which is a practice for the ACT and all freshman and juniors will take the PSAT to prepare you to take the SAT.

We do offer full length practice exams for the SATs/ACT/PSAT throughout the year and extensive test prep classes here at HCA.

Other free resources to study are the test prep books and practice booklets we have in the Counseling Office which can be checked out.

Q:  How do I send my SAT or ACT scores?

A: To send scores, go to for the SATs and for the ACT.

Q:  What if I can’t show up to the SAT or ACT test date I registered for?

A: Contact the College Board or ACT to let them know you’d like a test date change (an additional fee is charged).

Q:  How can I find out if I have all the necessary courses to be NCAA eligible?

A:  To check to see if you meet the course requirements for the NCAA, please see your Counselor.

Q:  How do I register with the NCAA Clearinghouse?

A:  Go to to get registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse.

You will also need to send in a transcript to the NCAA. Please turn your request in to the HCA Registrar to have your transcripts sent to the NCAA.

Q:  I got my financial aid award letter from the college I got accepted to, but I don’t know how to read it. What does it all mean?

A:  FastWeb puts out a very helpful newsletter that explains both financial aid terms and how to read your financial aid award letters. Also, has plenty of information on how to pay for college.

Q:  How do you apply for the Cal Grant?

A:  Your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application is also the application for Cal Grants. HCA sends all seniors’ grades electronically (if the social security number is on file) so you don’t have to do that.

Q:  I didn’t get a lot of financial aid from my college. How else can I get money to go?

A:  There are many scholarships out there for all students. Some are based on your ethnic background, community service, writing an essay on a topic, or even on your hobbies. They aren’t just for the “super smart or low-income” people like many people believe.

Do NOT wait until senior year to start applying for scholarships.

Some awards are even given to students as early as 7th grade!