2017-2018 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Preschool (9/7/16–6/30/17)

All Day Care (7am–6pm)                               Potty trained                                                                Not Potty Trained

M–F                                                                          $714/month                                                                       $790/month

M W F                                                                       $589/month                                                                      $644/month

T TH                                                                          $459/month                                                                      $504/month


Morning Care Only (9am–11:45am)        Potty trained                                                            Not Potty trained

M–F                                                                          $459/month                                                                      $484/month

M W F                                                                       $324/month                                                                      $349/month

T TH                                                                          $244/month                                                                      $264/month

Other Fees

Registration Fee (Non-Refundable):                 $275
Rolle Pollee Nap Blanket:                                    $25
Beginner’s Bible:                                                    $10
Borrowed Bedding:                                               $5

Additional Time:                                                   $5/hr
Extra Day (Full):                                                   $35
Extra Day (Morning Only):                                 $25

*Student entering three year old class are required to be potty trained before attendance.
**Second child receives 6% discount

Elementary School

Returning Students                                           JK-6th                                                                  New Students

On or before 2/24/2017                                        $275.00                                                                 $400.00 (Assessment Fee Included)

After 2/24/2017                                                      $400.00

*HCA PS Families:  In addition to the returning student registration fee, there is an additional $50 fee for your child’s JK or K assessment.


  Tuition                                                                Plan I                                                                          Plan II

Yearly Tuition                                                           $6,670.00                                                                       $6,360.00

“All In” Horizon Families **                                  $5,560.00                                                                       $5,260.00

Plan I:  This option is for those families who are unable to volunteer in our Parent Helper Program.

Plan II (JK-5 ONLY): Parent Helpers assist in the classroom and on the playground. Parents fulfilling the requirements as stated on our Parental Responsibility Statement qualify for the reduced tuition rate.

Jr/Sr High School

NEW STUDENT APPLICATION FEE (Non-refundable) – $100.00 due upon submission of application

Returning Students                                          Jr/Sr High                                                         New Students (Due on Acceptance)

On or before 2/1/2017                                           $250.00                                                                 $300.00

After 2/1/2017                                                         $400.00


  Tuition                                                                Jr High                                                             Sr High

Yearly Tuition                                                           $9,220.00                                                            $9,430.00

Horizon Families **                                                 $7,580.00                                                            $7,780.00

Curriculum & Technology                                     $150.00                                                                $150.00
Due by 6/1/2017 or upon registration

Additional Fees – Athletics, AP testing, Supplies, Uniforms, etc.

**Requires Verification of (1) Regular giving, according to Scripture, HCF AND (2) regular attendance at HCF as home church AND must meet 1 of the 2 requirements below for the last 6 months:  

  • Regular participation in HCF Core Group OR
  • Ongoing HCF ministry involvement

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) – Limited funds are available to bless families in need.  For more information regarding the application process, contact the School Financial Office at (858) 244-2289.

Annual Sibling Discounts                                                      ES                                              JH                                           SH

Second Child                                                                                  $150.00                                      $250.00                                    $250.00

Third Child                                                                                     $350.00                                      $500.00                                   $500.00

Fourth + Child                                                                               $550.00                                      $750.00                                    $750.00